New! Distracted Featured in "Grace Notes" Exhibit at New York Society Library from January 19 to February 22 - New York City

We’re all Distracted

It’s been heartening and exciting to experience the launch of Distracted. The tremendous response – Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times – underscores our collective uneasiness with the steep and mounting costs to our overloaded and distracted lives.

I’ve been particularly intrigued by the spectrum of interest. Parents, educators, politicos, corporate leaders, and workers alike – in this country and around the world – are interested in the book’s portrait of our lives and the suggested solution: to avert a dark age, we must spark a “renaissance of attention.”

Check out this week’s adaptation in BusinessWeek, along with a video interview of me:

Here’s the New York Times guest blog that will appear in this Sunday’s Business section:

And today’s interview on BuzzFlash:

Last, Wisconsin Public Radio ran an hour-long talk-show on the book:

Stay tuned! As I travel to Minneapolis, Boston, Washington, DC and other cities for talks about the book, I’ll blog further on people’s concerns and suggestions.

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