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New Book “Uncertainty’s Edge” Coming in November

I’m excited to announced that my new book, Uncertainty’s Edge, will be published by Prometheus in mid-November this year. The book explores the surprising upsides of being unsure in an age of flux and angst.

From the introduction: “Far from automatically miring us in cognitive paralysis, uncertainty plays an essential role in higher-order thinking, propelling people in challenging times toward good judgement, flexibility, mutual understanding, and heights of creativity. It is the portal to finding your enemy’s humanity, the overlooked lynchpin of superior teamwork, and the mindset most needed in times of flux. `So far as the human stands for anything and is productive and originative at all, his entire vital function may be said to have to deal with maybes,’ wrote William James. `Not a victory is gained, not a deed of faithfulness or courage is done, except upon a maybe.’ Yet we now treat this gateway to life’s richest cognitive possibilities as a secret shame.”

It’s time to redeem uncertainty – and discover the state of mind most urgently needed in times of rapid change, social divisions, and tech-inspired closed-mindedness.

The book is the product of multiple years, hundreds of interviews, thousands of miles of travel. To map and track the science of uncertainty, I spent time in operating rooms; in a shelter for homelessness; in robotics labs; on the front lines of a remarkable effort to lower prejudice via political canvassing, and with leaders in psychological, neuroscientific, sociological and other sciences.

Stay posted! Just as Distracted sparked a global conversation on the need to reclaim our attention so too I hope that Uncertainty’s Edge will highlight an overlooked and misunderstood turn of mind that is a source of human flourishing.

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