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What’s Happening to Home?

Balancing Work, Life and Refuge in the Information Age

In our chaotic, high-tech age,the lines between work and home, public and private, are becoming increasingly blurred. In this changing time, Jackson explores the ever-changing role of home in our lives — and sets out to update our idea of home.

What’s Happening to Home?goes beyond debates about square footage and working moms, to shed light on the larger questions surrounding the idea of home. How can we find refuge without shortchanging the work lives so many of us value? How can we preserve times and spaces for intimacy and reflection without returning to rigid ideals of the past? Jackson offers an inspiring and illuminating look at the future of home, the centerpiece of our lives.

Acclaim for What's Happening to Home?

  • “Not a book exhorting families to return to another time, this is instead a provocative look at work and family that challenges us to examine our lives and find our own solutions. … Highly recommended.”

    — Library Journal

  • “Jackson has crafted an insightful book, more a cultural study than a guidebook, that will make readers reexamine how, where and why they work.”

    — Publishers Weekly

  • “Maggie Jackson has written an original, thoughtful, helpful book on a subject no smaller than how to live in the world. It is a serious pleasure to read.”

    — Roger Rosenblatt

  • "... part poetic meditation and part solid reporting on the diverse concepts of home in the early days of the 21st century."

    — USA Today

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