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Attention and Thinking: A Critical Marriage

What is Executive Function? How does attention help us think? Our skill in paying attention and our capacity to think well go hand in hand and are equally critical to human flourishing. But too often we overlook the deep ties between attention and thinking.

In this exciting event, I join Sucheta Kamath, an award-winning speech pathologist, on her popular Full PreFrontal podcast. We will discuss attention’s essential links to “Executive Function,” a set of skills that allow us to think flexibly,  control our thoughts, and manage our minds. (Bonus: we’ll talk about my new book on the upsides to uncertainty, a state of mind critical to both attention and thought.)

On her show, Kamath discusses cutting-edge cognitive research with noted neuroscientists, social psychologists, and thought leaders. Please Join Me!

Event Details

Dec 7, 2020
5 p.m. EST 6 p.m. EST