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Getting Along Together Again: A Talk at CUNY-York College

In an era of echo-chamber news, social media flame wars, and rising divisions, how can we respect and value even extreme differences with others? How can we, in short, get along together again? Drawing from an astonishing chapter in US history and the latest in cognitive science, Maggie Jackson tells of a legendary friendship between a KKK leader and a civil rights activist that can help reveal the steps we can take to heal our divisions today. In this talk, we learn the ripple effects across communities of tiny acts of tolerance and discover why opening our gated minds makes us more creative, flexible thinkers in all walks of life. Jackson’s words tell a simple story: of seeing possibility where we least expect it in thought, in others, in the world.  The talk is hosted by Nicholas Githuku and the  York History and Philosophy Departments.

Event Details

Apr 19, 2018
York College - CUNY
Jamaica, N.Y.