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Children and Digital Literacy – Guest Lecture at Fordham

What is Digital Literacy today and how are children’s skills of deep reading developing in a fragmented, hurried world? Maggie Jackson, author of Distracted, joins the Children and Media course taught by Mary Rothschild of to speak about the fractured experience of digital reading, the multitasking environment in which we read and the impact of such fragmentation on children’s ability to read deeply. Hyper-fractured pages with less-relevant links – a staple of kids’ e-books and web sites – lower comprehension and recall, even sowing confusion among young readers, just as cluttered physical classrooms have been shown to do. A key overlooked question, as well, is how our rose-colored views of technology are impacting the teaching and attainment of literacy. Parents who are wow’ed by bells and whistles influence children’s choices.

Event Details

Apr 4, 2017
Fordham University
New York, New York,