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Civil Dialogue on Digital Well-Being DC’s Arena Stage

In this nationally broadcast Civil Dialogue on digital well-being hosted by Arena Stage in DC, Maggie Jackson will serve as a dialogue starter (panelist) for a dialogue on how we can re-envision our promising and yet often toxic relations with our machines. The free event is the sixth of a series hosted by Arena Stage this year.

The dialogues seek to provide an opportunity for members of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan community to engage in discourse about major current issues. They also seek to demonstrate that people of very diverse viewpoints can have fruitful dialogues with one another.

To this event, Jackson will bring her growing expertise in the new arena of digital well-being, a notion of rising importance and interest today. How can we flourish as humans in a time of growing tech-induced disconnection and disillusionment? How can we create more healthy relationships with our devices, our robots, and the inescapable powerful invisible force that is the web?

Drawing from her groundbreaking book Distracted: Reclaiming Our Focus in a World of Lost Attentionnow out in a new updated edition, Jackson will discuss the roots of our crisis of inattention and why our survival may depend on how we operate at the intersection of technology and attention.

Event Details

Oct 14, 2018
5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.
Arena Stage at Mead Center for American Theater - Molly Smith Study
1101 Sixth Street SW
Washington, D.C., DC 20024