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Technology’s Role in A Turbulent World

Can we Tweet the Next Revolution? Will Camera-Videos Create  Urgently Needed Social Justice Reforms? Does Social Media Help or Hurt Progress in A Turbulent World?

Join me for a provocative plenary panel on the opening day of the Media Ecology Association’s annual conference, now online. Fellow panelists include Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain; media critic Doug Rushkoff; science fiction writer Josh Meyrowitz; media scholar Paul Levinson and the noted communications scholar Lance Strate of Fordham.

The MEA, founded by students of Neil Postman and Marshall McLuhan, is the premier association of scholars and practitioners exploring technology’s  influence on society, from individual thought to the fate of the planet.

Event Details

Jun 17, 2020
5:30 p.m. EDT 6:45 p.m. EDT