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Guest Expert at The People’s University – Fighting Poverty Via Respectful Dialogue

How can we share knowledge to create a more peaceful, just and inclusive society? How can we pay close attention to those who are unheard in our era of technological disconnection, vast income schisms, and political divides? These are issues that affect us all, no matter our economic or cultural place in society. This June, I am honored to be an invited guest expert at the summer New York session of the People’s University, a project of the Fourth World anti-poverty movement. Begun in France, Fourth World connects people across all walks of life globally so that diverse viewpoints can be shared on how to counter poverty and its many rippling effects on the environment, health, family relations, and communities. A highlight of their work is the People’s University, which is held three times a year in cities around the globe. This summer’s theme: technology’s impact on humanity. Free and Open to All!

Event Details

Jun 1, 2019
3 p.m. 6 p.m.
New York Fourth World House
172 First Avenue
New York , NEW YORK 10009
  212-228-1339 //