New! Distracted Featured in "Grace Notes" Exhibit at New York Society Library from January 19 to February 22 - New York City

In the Media


  • Voice of America — Maggie talks to millions of radio listeners across Africa about the Health Risks of Distraction
  • SiriusXM-Wharton — Here I highlight "productive uncertainty" as our best antidote to a snap-judgement world
  • Podship Earth — Maggie talks about distraction and climate change on this new podcast by former EPA executive Jared Blumenfeld
  • The Rob Hopkins Imagination Podcast — Maggie talks about the loss of "what-if" thinking with famed UK environmentalist Rob Hopkins
  • The Front Porch People — Maggie is the kick-off speaker on the fascinating new podcast "Big Audacious Idea"
  • Diane Rehm Show — Appearance on NPR's Diane Rehm Show, Washington, D.C.
  • WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show — Maggie talks about Distraction on the venerable New York Public Radio show
  • The Takeaway — Interview on The Takeaway on an ADD World
  • Connecticut NPR — An Interview with the wonderful Faith Middleton
  • Minnesota Public Radio — Appearance on Midmorning with Kerri Miller
  • Radio West — A talk with the fantastic NPR host Doug Fabrizio

Lectures and Discussions

Articles Related to My Books

  • What's Happening to Home?
  • Star Tribune — "The Struggle to Make Second Homes the Refuge," by HJ Cummins
  • The New York Times — "Headquarters At Home and Proud to Be There," by Marci Alboher

Book Reviews

  • What’s Happening to Home?
  • “Not a book exhorting families to return to another time, this is instead a provocative look at work and family that challenges us to examine our lives and find our own solutions. … Highly recommended.” — Library Journal
  • “Jackson has crafted an insightful book, more a cultural study than a guidebook, that will make readers reexamine how, where and why they work.” — Publishers Weekly
  • “Maggie Jackson has written an original, thoughtful, helpful book on a subject no smaller than how to live in the world. It is a serious pleasure to read.” — Roger Rosenblatt
  • "... part poetic meditation and part solid reporting on the diverse concepts of home in the early days of the 21st century." — USA Today