New! Distracted Featured in "Grace Notes" Exhibit at New York Society Library from January 19 to February 22 - New York City
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Excerpt from Distracted in Latest Issue of New Philosopher

I’m excited that the renowned global philosophy-design magazine New Philosopher is publishing an excerpt from the introduction to Distracted in its latest issue. In this excerpt, I argue that rising levels of inattention and splintered focus are indicative of a dark age. “It’s a darkening time when we think togetherness means keeping one eye, hand, or ear on our . . . read more

Distracted: Finding Focus in an ADD World

How did I come to write a book about attention — and our collective ADD?

The short answer is, I backed into the subject.

The Role of Technology — Overload, hurry, boundary-less living: these topics have been mainstays of my writing for the past decade. But a few years ago, I became fascinated by the . . . read more